Monday, March 17, 2008

What's in my eVest?

I know you've all been wondering about my Vest... I wear it all fall and winter and into spring as much as possible. It is my way of having a 'man purse' but not look like I'm gay or anything... I like having all this stuff with me all the time. It makes it very easy to get through airport security screening... one item off and it holds all my little stuff that I like to take with me. I always have a hard time when it starts to heat up in the spring on what to do with all this stuff...

So here goes:

I've learned over all these years of traveling to ALWAYS put the same things in the same pockets

Left Wrist
Watch - I'm a real 'geek' but I really like this watch with it's built-in Magnifying Glass and Light.

Shirt Pocket - Left
iPhone - Phone, iPod Music, iPod Videos, Contacts, Calendar, Camera, Internet all in one package - in it's black leather case
MontBlanc Roller Ball Pen - Yes I'm a snob, but I really like this pen

Pants - Left Front
Hotel Keys
Airline Ticket after checking in

Pants - Right Front
Money - US in America, Foreign when Away
US Money goes into Back Right Pocket when traveling to/from US
Swiss Army Knife - The Rambler version with Phillips Head screwdriver


Scott eVest - a pretty cool vest that doesn't look like it has all those pockets. I can carry an open soda can in either of the two front pockets with out spilling. And even carry my laptop with me in the back pocket when necessary. Most of the time it's just a 'holder' for all my stuff.

Top Left Outside Pocket
Prescriptions Sunglasses in protective case (swap with clear glasses when outside or driving)

Top Left Inside Pocket

Personal Check Book
Business Check Book
Spare 3X5 Index cards for notes
Post-it Notes
Red Marking Pen - Pilot G2
Blue Pen - Pilot G2
Yellow Highlighter

Top Right Outside Pocket
Used to carry my Palm Treo - but since I've moved to an iPhone it's empty
iPhone always goes in my left shirt pocket!

Top Right Inside Pocket
Inside Zipper Pocket holds my Wallet (I'll do wallet contents in another blog...)

Outside Bottom Zippered Pocket
Business Cards
Imation 2GB Rugged USB Drive with Clip
On clip is also Cruzer Micro 4GB Tranfer USB
(More later on the very specific set of software and backups on these sticks)
Sandisk Ultra II - SD Card with 'break apart' section to use as a USB Drive

Inside Bottom Pocket
Altoids Sugar Free 'Smalls' - Wintergreen
Swipes Eyeglass Cleaner
Etomyic Research - ER-6i Earphones with Smartwrap to hold cables in place
Surefire Executive Defender Tactical Flashlight - with Difusser

Outside right bottom Zippered Pocket

Tide To Go Pen - Sadly I use this almost every day...
Tums, Tylenol and Motrin in Travel tubes
Chapstick - Classic Cherry

Inside Right Bottom Pocket
Tweezers, European Flat Fingernail Clippers, Toothpick Brush
Jawbone Bluetooth Earpiece
Car Keys
Cash Change - just long enough till I can dump it in my car or suitcase
USB Transfer Stick - 2GB

So this is the 'stuff' that I carry with me everywhere. (Ok, the Swiss Army Knife has to go in checked luggage when I fly, but everything else comes along)


Gram said...

I am amazed Keith. I honestly didn't think you were this organized. No wonder you worry about what to do when the weather gets warm. I don't think I carry that much in my purse. I just wish I knew how to use all the neat stuff you carry - especially the Iphone. A vest, I can see, is much easier at airport security.

laura said...

Awesome post! I can't believe you can carry that much stuff. Nice!

You are like your dad, huh? And your mom. Very organized. And you spill on yourself (needing the tide). My mom got that gene too.

ryan said...

Wow, I didn't realize you had ALL of that in there. I hate carrying all of my "stuff" with me, especially in my pockets. I don't know what I am going to do when I no longer carry a backpack with me everywhere.

nanajan said...

Great post Keith. I'll have to one of my purse sometime. It's great to have all the stuff you need with you. I like to do that,too. Even though my bag is heavy, I just like having everything with me. As Nanna used to say: "Better to have and not need, than to need and not have."

Gramps said...

You had fun putting this blog together. What a vest full of things that you need. Now I know why you wear a vest. Very smart idea. You should develop a light-summer weight vest and have Logan market it. Sorry you missed the lacrosse game, as I know you really enjoy them. Keep on keeping!