Friday, August 3, 2007

Two Weeks on the Road...

Yep - another two weeks out teaching Wireless on the Road!

First week was at AirMagnet corporate headquarters - boring...

Then right after class on Friday afternoon, I drove directly to SFO (San Francisco Airport) for a delayed flight to LAX - then on another delayed flight (long 16 hours) to Sydney Australia.

Hotel Novotel - Rockford Darling Harbour Sydney

I took a taxi from the airport after clearing customs - to the Hotel Novotel in Darling Harbour - but my room wasn't ready, so I continue to read a book in the lobby until the room was ready a couple of hours later. So I was really ready for a 4-hour nap to help reset back to the local 'jet lag' situation.

Sydney CBD from Darling Harbour at Night

I woke up in the afternoon and went for a three hour walk around the city - Darling Harbour, Chinatown, Shopping District, and got a bite to eat. Walking back through the Darling Walk I stopped and worked my way through this series of photos of the earth... by this french photographer. Yes - they were 'tainted' with the stench of the Global Warming is going to kill us all... but they were actually very good photographs. I like them so much I bought a large book with many of them to take home to show the family.

Class this week was held at a local college - University of Technology Sydney - Haymarket campus. Just a couple of blocks from my hotel.

UTS Haymarket Campus

There was not Internet in the classroom, and the hotel charged $25/day for net connection - I wasn't about to pay for that! (well I did for my last night and morning so I could catch up before heading home) - so I Downloaded lots of things from iTunes (free TV shows and the like) so I'd have something to watch on my iPhone on the flight home.

My iPhone did work great here in Australia - about every night someone called my cell phone to wake me up at 2 or 3 am - it was great fun! But it was nice to be able to talk with Jill. I'd planned on usin
g Skype, but at $25 per day... Even the texts from Alysha came through - but AT&T has a pretty expensive data plan for international connections.

Here are some photos from my week, including a 'round' toilet bowl!

It was 'weird' to have a toilet bowl going the other way

I'll be leaving to go to the airport in a couple of hours for a long flight back to SFO then on to SLC - it'll sure be nice to be home after being gone so long...

Chinese Gardens by my Hotel

A fun type water fountain in Darling Harbour