Monday, March 15, 2010

Sorry about the 'blog-fade'

I've been working on a new project that has taken the bulk of my 'creative' energies. My apologies that this has detracted from my time and efforts on this more personal blog.

The new site is Wireless LAN and has many resources and tools for those involved in my industry--people who work day-in, day-out with Wireless Networks.
The bulk of the work is in preparing and publishing the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast.
I'm going to try and remember to keep this site up to date as well. But if you are interested at all in the technology side of what I'm doing, head on over to the new site, listen in on a couple of podcast, and leave comments.

You can also subscribe via iTunes to the Podcasts, or via RSS to the feed (Upper right corner of page)

You can also go to the 'About' page and learn a little bit about what a Podcast is.

I'd also recommend following me on Twitter if you want my daily updates.