Monday, November 23, 2009

Movie Saga

Jill and some friends went to the 'New Moon' show on Friday morning... But Alysha and her friends had already seen the show - having a bit of a party, watching 'Twilight' at our house, then going to the 12:30am show on Thursday night (Friday Morning).

Jill thought she'd like to see the show again, and so we planned on going Saturday evening - the 5:20pm show... the last of the matinee pricing, and before the evening really gets started. I checked online for the times and we showed up 45 minutes early. I'd thought this would be a 'down time' and we'd be able to get right in.


I'm standing at the ticket counter, and the person responded to my request for New Moon tickets with a guffaw, chuckle, and then amazement that I was serious. So instead he just pointed up to the electronic marquee behind him at the 'Sold Out' - 'Sold Out' - 'Sold Out' - 'Sold Out' on all the New Moon times... doh!

I underestimated the desire of women and girls everywhere to see this vampire/werewolf fantasy.

Instead we got into the new Sandra Bullock movie 'The Blind Side'.
It was a very good consolation prize! I can highly recommend this show. "I laughed, I cried" would be a good comment on how this show effected me.
I now have tickets for the 7:00pm showing of New Moon for this evening's Family Home Evening entertainment - taking Alysha and Ryan with us to see it again tonight as a family.


jenny said...

I cried in the PREVIEW for Blind Side and can't wait to see it. And LOVE New Moon:)

Gram said...

I hope you all enjoyed the movie tonight. We finished reading the Book of Moses in our FHE tonight.

I want to see Blind Side now.