Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Honda Element

My car... last year I thought it was about time to get myself a new car. Jill liked my Lexus, and her van was dying... so I traded her cars and traded the van in on a new Honda Element. I liked the look (short square and pokes out in the front - just like me!)

So for my first blog posting I thought I'd put up a couple of pictures of the Element. The car came into our lives the same week as my beautiful grand-daughter... we took Karrissa and Joe for a long drive over to Bear Lake the day before McKinley was born.

For our 25th Anniversary, Jill and I had a night up at Sundance... and is sure snowed! But the Element's 4WD just pushed the car through all the snow drifts without slipping even once. Way to go!

The view from all the seats is very open and lots of glass to let everyone see around. The back seat is a little higher than the front - with lots of leg room in the back. But to get in the back you have to go through these 'suicide' doors. The interior is easy to clean, you can even hose out the thing - with the seat fabric designed for such cleaning.

I like that I can take 3-4 of my big black cases with electronic gear for classes in the back for trips to the airport. I also like that you can change the cruise control, and the radio stations/volume from the steering wheel. Plus you get to sit up high and see the road and those around you.

So here is my car.

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