Monday, March 26, 2007

TechMentor Conference - Day One

Whew! - Finally the first day of this conference is over. I taught three 90 minute sessions today. The facility is pretty great - the Hilton at Walt Disney World - just across the street from Downtown Disney. Not that I'll have any time to head over there.

After a very late flight (one of the flight attendants tripped, fell, and got a bad concussion and had to be removed from the plan using a backboard through the food service galley door) I finally arrived at the hotel and got checked in around 2:00am. Good thing I could sleep in and start the first sessions a bit later in the day.

Today was:

  • Anonymous Computing with a USB Drive
  • Network Analysis using a USB Drive
  • Penetration Testing Computer Systems

The Network Analysis class was a 'bomb' - not because of anything that I did, but the conference organizers didn't have network connections running in the classroom... not too good for a network analysis class. Well, I think they still learned some things, but I did much more demonstration and didn't have enough student hands-on labs as I'd have liked.

So tonight I've got to prep for tomorrows sessions - the first three will be pretty easy - stuff I've taught before. But the last session is on a new product... We'll see how it goes. After class I think I'll celebrate by going to the Cirque du Soliel's La Nuba production. Jill, Karrissa and Alysha all said it was great when they were down here a couple of weeks ago for Cheer Nationals.

Time to start prepping now for tomorrow's sessions (Well - I will take off for an hour to watch 'Prison Break')


Karrissa said...

Wish I was in Florida with you! Not only because Florida is fun but because you are right across the street from the Girhadelli chocolate factory!!!

Keith Parsons said...

I did walk right by the Girhadelli store/snack bar and didn't even enter. I'm sooo strong!