Sunday, May 27, 2007

Baltimore with Brent for NCAA Lacrosse Finals

After getting up at 4:30am to catch a 6:00am flight - I spent the day on planes and airports getting to Baltimore. After checking into the "Lord Baltimore Radisson" and getting a very small room behind the frieght eleveator... I was able to meet up the Brent, Michael Rife, Jake Ferrin and his parents for a nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory on Baltimore's Inner Harbor. It was very crowded downtown Baltimore last night. The hotel was full of Lacrosse Fans.

Today we'll be heading over to the M&T Stadium where the Raven's play to watch some more Lacrosse (NCAA Division 2 and 3 Championship games) Then Tomorrow is the Division 1 championship game between Duke and Johns Hopkins. Last night the boys b
ought team logo'd lacrosse shirts and shorts.

It is in the 90s with near 100% humidity... I'm so looking forward to sitting in the sun all day! But the games should be good and I'll enjoy being with Brent and his friends.

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Gramps said...

Good to read your latest Blog reports Keith. Sounds like you are busy and having fun teaching new stuff. Sorry about all the bad food places. Hope you enjoy your time with Brent and others watching LaCrosse. Their all-star game was fun to watch, but the North team really had it together.
Be safe. Love ya....