Saturday, May 5, 2007

Not a Road Warrior Week

Ok... I wasn't a road warrior this week. Stayed at home all week working on the course development for our new Wireless LAN Security Assessment Toolkit class. We only have one more week before the first class and we still have LOTS to do.

The class has over 45 hands-on lab exercises and comes with over $13,000 worth of software and hardware. Ryan's been working on inventory and binder cover pages, Karrissa on editing all of our lab exercises, and me ordering up all the stuff for the first couple of classes as well as writing more lab exercises.

I did a new lab exercise on WarDriving... that is driving around with a GPS and a Wireless Card tracking where everyone's Wireless Access Points are located - then putting it on Google Earth... see below.

One more week at home working on this class, then I start a 7-week road trip (home for weekends mostly)


Gramps said...

Glad that you are staying busy and have been home for a couple weeks. Thanks for being our son and a great husband and dad.

Mom said...

I love that you are so smart. I just wish I understood all that stuff that you do. We're glad you were able to be home and sleep in your own bed for a couple of weeks.