Sunday, April 29, 2007

Karrissa & Joe's Institute Graduation

After being on the road for the last two weeks - SoCal with the family, and then Boston for an AirMagnet class all week... I found myself driving up to Logan yesterday to be on hand for Karrissa and Joe's graduation from Institute. We got to play with McKinley as well as have a nice service in the historic Logan Tabernacle.

Then with Joe's parents went to dinner at the 'Iron Gate Grill' - a good time was had by all! Oh yeah, it was also a celebration of Karrissa's Birthday on Friday - Jill enjoyed getting her daughter picture frames and a pair of shoes for presents. Of course she also had to bring along a little something for the grandchild... a pair of little socks with toys in toes.

Then since it was late... and I was still on East Coast time, Ryan gratefully accepted my request to drive home. He's a great driver - I slept till Ogden.


Gramps said...

Sounds like you had a good time in Logan with your family. Glad that everyone is doing well and you are safely home. Thanks for including pictures.

Karrissa said...

Thanks again dad for everything!

Gram said...

That was nice of Ryan to drive home so you could sleep. I loved the pictures of everyone. We are happy you will get to sleep in your own bed this week.