Saturday, April 7, 2007

Viva Las Vegas...

Jill and I brought Karrissa, Joe and McKinley down to Las Vegas this weekend to do a tour of the UNLV Dental School - where Joe starts in the fall for four years - and to help them look around for a place to live.

We had a nice little tour of the UNLV facilities - this campus is not down by the airport, but up a little west of I-15 near the center of old town Vegas. The school is fairly new, with new construction on a couple new buildings that should be ready to go in the fall. They have an 'all-computer' training, with all the students with identical Dell D620 laptops, lab space for each student with a 'simulated head' to work on, as well as four clinics for actual live work on volunteer patients. Not that you'd want to sit for three hours for a 30 minute procedure - but that's why they are volunteers.

We then drove around - about 100 miles yesterday... looking at new construction, town homes, old houses, and new houses - today we'll start in on the rental homes. Mostly in the NorthWest area - where the other Dental students recommended Joe and Karrissa go.

Then back to Orem for Easter with the whole family.

McKinley is just a doll - everyone thinks she is just the cutest thing... but I'm a bit biased. She got to go swimming for the first time in the hotel pool with her parents. Grandma (Jill) sure is good with her.

It was a quick trip - but Jill's new Highlander did great - getting 23 mpg!

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Karrissa said...

Thanks again for the trip down to Las Vegas, we sure appreciate it!