Sunday, April 1, 2007

Family Over for General Conference

We had a big family weekend. Saturday all the kids living at home watched the 10am conference all together - then we worked in the yard together to clear out all the waste from Jill's pruning adventure last weekend. 2pm conference together, then the boys and I went to the Priesthood session (Grandpa was in the same building, but we didn't see him until after) - this year we went to Arby's afterward... next conference we'll try a different place.

Late last night Karrissa, Joe and McKinley came over. Today Jill made her 'Famous' Conference Breakfast. I went down and picked up Keilani Conger to spend the day with us. Brent thinks it's his most favorite breakfast of the entire year! In between sessions we were able to walk down to the park and play with McKinley on the swing.

After the afternoon session the rest of the family came over for Sunday Dinner at our house. I like being home for these family dinners.

I'm actually going to be home for the next two weeks - yea!

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Mom said...

Looks like conference weekend was good for the KRP family. I know we certainly enjoyed the excellent dinner and the company. McKinley looks cute in the swing.