Monday, April 2, 2007

Brent's Lacrosse - Timp Beats Lone Peak in OT

After work this afternoon I was pleased to be able to watch another of Brent's lacrosse games. This one was at home - Timpanogos High School. And better yet, we had a bunch of the family show up, Karrissa & McKinley, Ryan, Alysha and her friend Sherie, Grandpa and Uncle Rich, and then Jill. A nice sunny (albeit a bit windy) spring afternoon. I can't think of where I'd rather be this afternoon!

Cousin Michael Rife was still home sick - but even without him the team won 7-6 in Overtime. Brent played pretty well, not only giving some big hits, but he took a really big hit... but the guy who did it was WAY late and received a long penalty - Brent had to really control himself and not hit right back... but he sure wanted to!

Uncle Rich kept Michael in the game by 'texting' a running comentary so he could 'be there' - the game was to be available via under broadcast streaming... but it wasn't working. So Michael was stuck with just texting. I'll have to remember that next time I'm out of town during a game.


Mom said...

I am sorry I couldn't come to the game with Grandpa but Andra came with her two little boys, George and Oliver and Janet and I felt we better stay and visit with her. I totally forgot that Karrissa stayed over as she was interested in seeing her.

Mom said...

Oh, Keith we are also happy you are home for two weeks.