Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Colonial Williamsburg & Capital One

Sunday morning we drove down from Richmond, VA to Colonial Williamsburg to spend the day visiting the old buildings and seeing how folks lived back in the 1700s in Virginia.

It was a very 'polished' visitor's center and sales area selling tickets for the various things available in the area. We were only spending one day - so we opted for the simplest plan. They have reconstructed, or renovated an entire city that existed on this sight back in 1760-1790.

We were able to meet and talk with folks who work full-time as 'historical characters' - those who actually do the same things, with the same tools, as they did 250 years ago. Gunsmiths that make ALL the parts of a flintlock rifle from raw materials (400 hours of work per gun), Tailors who do all the stitching by hand with original fabrics, basket weavers, taverns, smithing, silversmiths, cabinet makers, brick makers, apothecary, surgery, etc.

I really enjoyed hearing how they actually make things, how long it took, what they used for raw materials, and the local economy at the time. Very very interesting!

I then did some private consulting with Capital One - on setting up Wireless LAN policies and how to configure their Wireless Intrusion Protection System for two days. Jill got a break to rest and spent some time at the local Mall.

Our experience in Virginia was very eye-opening. Many of our pre-conceived ideas of what the area was like were totally overturned! They place 'reeks' of history - and yet feels so very Rural and not built up as much as I would have imagined. And the trees... there are trees EVERYWHERE.


Gramps said...

Glad that you and Jill could enjoy that area and learn of what it was like so many years ago. We appreciate your pictures and sharing with us. "What's in your wallet?"

Mom said...

Hey, I would love to have been there with you. I don't know anyone else who loves museums and how they did things like you do. I wish you could have been to the Copenhagen museum with us. Jill and I loved it and I know you would have. Williamsburg sounded delightful.