Saturday, July 14, 2007

Teaching in DC

Ok - just another week teaching Wireless classes - this time in Washington DC - well, actually just out by the Dulles (IAD) airport. I had a total of 30 hours at home (it was sublime and we got to go and watch Ratatouille with all the kids on Saturday - then home for a great meal (thanks Jill)

Well - the classes went well - I did get to go by the famous 'Wegman's Flagship' store, it is a fantastic supermarket - well very upscale supermarket. Jeff from my office has convinced Ryan that this is the 'only' store to buy food at... and we should have one in Utah!

I was able to go into Alexandria on Wednesday evening to have dinner at the 'Charthouse' right on the Potomac - with the guy who we rented space for the WLSAT class earlier in the week.

Friday after class - after packing up all four cases, I was able to get over to IAD to pick up Jill, and timed it so well she was only waiting under a minute when I pulled up!

We drove down through the back-country of Virginia down to Charlottesville, home of UVA - it was an eye-opening drive across beautiful rolling hills of the Appalachia Piedmont area of Central Virginia. Tomorrow... Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.


Karrissa said...

Thanks for the movie dad!

Mom said...

The Charthouse looks like a great place to eat. The drive sounded very lovely. I hope you and Jill enjoy your short vacation together.