Sunday, July 22, 2007

Home...well, for four days at least...

I had four days at home this week... let see, other than work each day I was involved in the following:

Wednesday evening we had a dinner at the Riverside Country Club for my Father's 70th Birthday - it was attended by his family, and we had a good dinner, with good family time. Dad received a nice binder with 85 things his family remembered him by that Janet put together. (Thanks Jan) and I got him a GPS to play with. (good for getting home when you have 'old-timers')

Thursday after work I took Brent up to Sandy to play Lacrosse with his 'Adult' league, then Jill and Karrissa joined us and we had dinner at Chilli's on the way home.

Payson Canyon Cliffs Above Maple Dell Camp

Friday afternoon I went with Troy Monney from our Ward's BSA committee and we cooked up a Steak, Fajitas, Baked Potato & Ice Cream for the scouts and their leaders final dinner after a week at the Maple Dell scout camp up Payson Canyon. It was a nice drive down - then I brought back the church-owned propane grills.

Saturday morning we held our annual Ward Breakfast at Northridge Park - we used the grills as well as lots of work Jill put into making the Breakfast happen. My cold was getting worse, so I stayed in and read the latest Harry Potter book all day.

It is by far the best of the series, it answers all your questions, and (without giving up anything) has a nice ending - of course you had to have a bit of a tear-jerker in there somewhere, but I really did enjoy this one the best. I'd previously watched Harry Potter 5 with Jill in Richmond, then read Harry Potter 6 on the plane back, then finished the series with Harry Potter 7 on Saturday.

I'm now in Sunnyvale for this week, teaching at AirMagnet corporate headquarters for the week, then right after class Friday night I head up to SFO to fly to LAX then on to Sydney, arriving Sunday morning.

I'll be teaching all of next week in Sydney at the Technical University some wireless courses. Two weeks on the road again... this is starting to get old... especially when you have a cold. I don't remember being sick for quite awhile. This is no fun being in a hotel and having a sore throat, running nose, stuffed head - hopefully it will get better soon.


Gramps said...

Thanks Keith for the update. You and your family continue to amaze me with all your activities and fun things.
Good luck with your teaching and trip to Sidney. Thanks for the GPS "toy".

Gram said...

Sorry, you are sick and have to fly and work. I know you'd like to be home taking it easy and reading another book but you are a devoted Dad and husband and an excellent provider for your family. I've never been up to Maple Dell but the pictures make it look inviting. Jill and you have done a great job on the activity committee.

Gernot said...

Keith, its great to have you here in Sydney. You make the course a memorable experience. Thanks for coming all this way!