Sunday, October 14, 2007

Books Read - 10/6 - 10/14

Sometimes it's nice to have a little vacation to catch up on some reading/listening to story tapes on the drive to/from Las Vegas.

Here's my 'catch' for the week.

I really enjoyed the 1776 non-fiction about the start of the Revolutionary War - David McCullough does a great job making history come alive. This was a nice 'book on tape'.

Empire Rising was a good sequel to last week's first book by Sam Barone - this guy is pretty good. A 'Bernard Cornwell' type with lots of details and human intrigue concerning a special place/time in history.

The two Blog books were to help me learn how to do this 'blog' thang a bit better. I'd like to start up another blog specifically for my students where I can spend more time on subjects and make it relevant to those who want to learn Wireless LAN stuff - so I thought a couple of books to learn from would be a good idea.

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sam said...

thanks for the kind words about Empire Rising.
Glad you enjoyed it enough to post.

sam barone