Friday, October 12, 2007

Las Vegas - Family Vacation - Day 1

I had a couple of minutes while everyone is napping... so I thought I'd upload some stuff.

This weekend the family all came down to Las Vegas to be together for the 'Fall Break' in Alpine School district. (This used to be called UEA) - Well, all but Brent. He has a BYU Lacrosse game on Saturday.

So today we went to a couple of exhibits (Joe was in Dental School) - First was the 'Shark Reef' at the Mandalay Bay hotel. We were able to see lots of aquarium stuff. McKinley can 'sign' for fish and enjoyed watching the fish behind the glass.
Then after some lunch at the food court - we headed down to the Mirage to see another animal exhibit. This time it was the Dolphins (and the sad White Tigers and old White Lions)

Then after a long day of walking around - returned to Karrissa's house to rest up for a nice dinner out tonight at the Cheesecake Factory (the entire reason Ryan came with us ;-) )

Tomorrow - More fun planned - Stay tuned for more Family Fun.


Gramps said...

Thanks for posting your first day in Las Vegas. It's so nice to keep up with the family and enjoy what you are doing. MAW is growing up.

Gram said...

Hey, I enjoyed the pictures of the family. McKinley is so cute and she is getting so much bigger. I don't blame Ryan - The Cheesecake Factory is goood food! I hope you enjoy the rest of the time in Las Vegas. I know Jill is having a good time being Grandma.

nanajan said...

You've got four pretty brown-eyed girls there!

Karrissa said...

Thanks for the fun day Dad! I loved the shark reef, dolphins, tigers, and lions.