Saturday, October 6, 2007

Week in DC & Conference Weekend

This week was spent in Washington DC, well actually Sterling, VA - where I was teaching the first AM-105 class - it went very well, with 13 students attending. No plan ever stays the same after entering the 'fray' - but the course outline I worked up seemed to work pretty good this week, only about 1 hour off on Wednesday's class (inserted the first hour from Thursday morning) and the rest worked very well.

Home today to a BIG list of "To Do's" - that's what Saturdays turn into when I'm gone all week. But it does feel pretty good to do the 'check off' as I finish up items from the list.

Jill is working this weekend, but the Boys are coming with me to General Priesthood meeting tonight, then will be here tomorrow for Conference - then off to Grandma's for dinner tomorrow afternoon.

It sure feels good to be back in town and have an entire week NOT on the road, ok... we are driving down to Las Vegas this coming weekend to see McKinley, oh, and Karrissa/Joe as well as the BYU-UNLV football game.

One of these weeks I'll spend and entire week sleeping in my own bed...

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