Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family Weekend - Yea!

This weekend started with Dinner at the Foundry Grill up at Sundance for Grandma Parsons birthday - G&G as well as Jill and I had an enjoyable meal.

We then went to attend Timpanogos' Homecoming Football game (they lost to PG 24-21 - a fairly close game) and got to watch Alysha do her Cheerleading thing. She is definitely good ad it!


Then on Saturday after finishing the development work on my latest class - we got to go and watch Brent play in his first BYU game against cross-town UVSC (no contest at 20-4) in the new IPF (Indoor Practice Field) - there were actually quite a few people watching the game from the sidelines. The 'real' season starts in the spring, but they are holding three practices a week, plus weight training three times as week as well. The coach mentioned to me the change he has noticed in Brent's physique with all this working out.

Brent is ranked #5 on the defensive line - and currently is slated to play in 'man down' situations, but at the game Saturday got in more than a quarter's playing time and did a good job. I'm just thrilled that as a freshman he gets any playing time at all! Quite the proud papa I've become.

This was a great chance to try out my new birthday present, a Nikon D40 with an 18-200 VR Zoom lens. The lighting in the IPF wasn't great for capturing 'stop action' photographs... that and I'm still trying to learn how to use this new camera... but I did get a couple shots of Brent's first outing for BYU Lacrosse.

BYU's Lacrosse took 1st place in their Lacrosse League in 2007 - and made it to the cover of Inside Lacrosse Magazine!

Jill and I are looking forward to being the 'supportive parents' and traveling to watch Brent's Lacrosse games this year. First trip - Virginia and Maryland in two weeks!


Karrissa said...

Those pictures are awesome dad!! I love your new camera already!

Gramps said...

Thank you Keith for the lovely dinner. We enjoyed the football game and laCrosse game. It's fun to support our grandchildren and see them achieve. We missed you at dinner tonight with the family. Be safe and continue your great work.

Mom said...

Thanks for the great dinner! I am sorry I missed Brent's game and we'll have to miss Friday's game because we are helping Rich with the mission reunion. Jill's dinner was excellent on Sunday and we had a good time with everyone. Brent and Ryan are looking very good physically.

Laura H said...

Alysha looks like Brent now! At least that profile picture. And her hair is short!
That practice field looks cool!