Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tomorrow's My Birthday -

Tomorrow is just another day of teaching. I'm in Minneapolis teaching one of our Wireless Hacking courses... oh, sorry, that is Wireless LAN Security Assessment Toolkit courses.

The town has lots of great architecture. Downtow
n as well as here on the East side of the Mississippi river. Some famous architects have done quite a job here. Though over the years the architecture has NOT stayed very consistent. Each generation continues to change.

I'm teaching in the Alumni Building - Wow - with over 6 miles of wood lined interior, walls sheathed with over 75,000 feet of beaten copper sheets, and a river and waterfall inside. But outside is a 'weird' look.

They have the Red Cross inside taking blood donations today - and it reminded me that I can't give blood any more and how the 'silly' Doctor wouldn't let me give any more platelets to Lynn while he was dying of leukemia because my blood had traces of Hepatitis... Sometimes I miss having a brother to share stuff with. Having my boys around has been a great substitute though.

Well, I'm back home tomorrow night!

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Mom said...

That building from the outside looks really strange and yet it sounds really nice from the inside.