Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MAR-Mesh Training in Dallas

This week I'm in Dallas Texas at Todd Lammle's Globalnet Training facility taking a class on how to install and implement Cisco's Mobile Access Router (MAR) and their Wireless LAN Controller based Mesh network (1500).

Todd asked me to come down to sit the class and help teach the RF sections - and learn to use this equipment. Either to teach this class in the future, or to work on the Mine's systems next time I'm down in Safford on a Site Survey. It's good to spend some time in a classroom and not be 'in charge' - but to be more of a resource and to learn new stuff.

We have LOTS of equipment in this class - each student 'pod' has over $25,000 of Cisco hardware and we build out an entire mobile system using MARs, Routers, Switches, Access Points, WLAN controllers, and lots and lots of cables. Just configuring all the devices and keeping the 'logical' diagram of what is connected physically to what straight is a bit difficult.

Yesterday I spent all afternoon configuring this big set of stuff... only to erase all the configurations and then start all over again this morning to build a working network again. (This morning only 2 hours to get my set of equipment all operational)

Tomorrow we add more MARs, more access points, and the mesh network into the mix... fun! (OK, I am a geek! - but it is way cool when the 'tunneled - encrypted - crossing over a mobile - roaming - network' actually works!)

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Mom said...

Oh, Wow! None of that made sense to me but I am glad you are a "geek" and find joy in your work and learning.