Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eight Habits or Facts - Tagged by Karrissa

I was tagged by my daughter Karrissa to write eight habits or facts about myself. (Ok, not tagged explicitly - but the implication was there)

Here they are:

  1. I have to 'pat' the right side of the airplane door opening with two taps - on the way into each airplane (kind of saying to the plane, I know you are there and please take care of me) and then again on the way out to say "Thanks" - always with the right hand.
  2. When I drink from a water fountain I have to count to Seven.
  3. I like to sleep in the WAY DARK - and then if I wake up to go the bathroom in the night, I pride myself to make it to the bathroom without turning on the lights. (think how many hotel rooms I've been in...)
  4. I can only do creative work in the morning - after lunchtime I can only do things - not any think.
  5. I sing out loud when I'm driving somewhere alone. It's usually multiple renditions of the same tune, in different keys, with different voices. Each voice challenges others to sing it better.
  6. I can't help myself from crying when things touch my heart - so I have a hard time telling anyone what I feel.
  7. I really like to eat Pork and Beans (with the little pieces of pork fat removed) with Ruffles potato chips like little spoons.
  8. I hate to talk to people on the plane - up in First Class the people understand this 'rule' and keep to themselves. It's a big reason I like to get upgraded to First Class - well, that and the flight attendants bringing you drinks and snacks and the wide seats where you don't have to the people next to you touch you.
  9. I like the challenge of holding a conversation with someone more intelligent than myself.
  10. Just about every day I think of a thought, or wish to capture a picture, or remember a joke to share with my Wife - but I usually forget.
Ok, so I came up with 10 - now the gauntlet is down...

Like Karrissa, I too don't know who to tag so if you read this, consider yourself tagged. It is fun to think of eight weird things about yourself and even more fun to read them about others!


Karrissa said...

That was fun to read dad! I like learning quirky little things about you. I like the water fountain one.

laura said...

Wow. I learned a lot about you, Keith. Happy Birthday! I texted you, but maybe you didn't know it was from me because you don't have my number. Anyway, happy day!

Jill Parsons said...

Those were great. I actually did not know about the water fountain trivia. Love you and happy birthday.

Mom said...

I loved reading those. I didn't know about the water fountain or about the tapping of the plane. It is fun to read about things like that.

nanajan said...

Wow I learned something new about my brother! That was fun! And Happy Birthday! Also, I loved the cloud pictures.

Gramps said...

Dear Son. Thanks for your blog. It provides information that most of us didn't know. Finally, you are opening up. Thanks! LoL.
Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy dinner at Sundance, visiting and the football game to watch Alysha cheer. You're the best.
Love ya.....