Thursday, April 16, 2009

1934 Cartoon - Socialism Repeats...

My Dad forwarded this graphic to me... it is so appropriate for today's government problem with spending.

The Socialist Liberal mentality of the Democrats back in the 1930s never solved anything but put the country into more debt... same as now...
I just don't see any way out other than to get involved in another World War (that's what brought our economy back last time...) jk

Double-click on the graphic to expand and see the details.


Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

I do like the cartoon a lot, as it can be used as an argument for both sides.

For those against the current administration's policies you can say that spending in a recession clearly doesn't work (nor is it even an intelligent response), and also that FDR's New Deal did not work as well they thought it would, just like Obama's exorbitant spending will do nothing but increase debt and prolong the "recession".

While those in favor of the president's plan can say that we did not become a socialist nation (or dictatorship) back then, and the constitution clearly was not "junked", there were critics back then, and there are today.

...If you couldn't guess, I fall into the first category. Obama couldn't have asked for a better time in history to become president, a time when people are scared and desperate, he can easily employ his socialist-marxist agenda on our "no longer Christian nation".