Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Vegas

After flying back to SLC from Minneapolis, I hopped another flight down to Vegas to be with Jill (who drove down earlier in the day) and my daughter Karrissa and her family. McKinley came along for the ride to the airport to pick me up. (we're trying to make her think I live in the airport...oh, yeah I just about do)

Saturday we took the little girls to a local Children's Museum so Joe could get some additional study time (2nd year of Dental School)
We had a great time - see photos below.

McKinley really liked the Clifford's Houses and the Airplane - Karrissa and I liked the bubbles, hurricane room, and watching the kids. They had a box with 1,000,000 pennies!

After naps - I like being with little grand-daughters who take naps, it gives me a good excuse to take one as well - we headed out to dinner at The Claim Jumper in Summerlin.

The food was great, service great, and booth huge... everyone had a great meal, and an enjoyable time all together.

Today was Easter Sunday and we went with Karrissa and Joe to their church then home to a Ham & 'Funeral Potatoes' & Green Bean Casserole Sunday Dinner... Thanks Jill!

Tomorrow afternoon Jill and I will drive back up to Orem and home.

After dinner at The Claim Jumper

McKinley and 'Poppa' having some soup

Joe and his 'small' order of ribs

McKinley's new Easter swimsuit from Grandma

Kylie playing in Clifford's Music Room

Who is that funny girl in the mirror?

Ordering at the Clifford's Cafe

Reading to the Grand-Daughters

Ready for Easter Sunday Church

Cute little family!

Karrissa likes the Hurricane room

McKinley not so much

Cool balls!

I'm playing - don't bug me

Poppa making 'Big Bubbles'

Karrissa making bubbles

McKinley blowing on a big sheet bubble

McKinley loading her bags before the flight on the airplane

Flying the plane to Mexico

Kylie not so happy to be with Poppa

She does like her Grandma though


Gramps said...

Glad that you had a fun Easter with Karrissa and family. We enjoyed a nice meal and visit with Janet and family. Ryan and Alysha came. Ryan brought a wicked carrot cake. We missed you all.

Gram said...

Boy, it looks like you had a great time on Easter weekend. I am glad you both were able to visit with your married kids and grandkids. That is special. I always wished my parents could have visited us when my children were younger but they were unable to so I think it is really nice that you and Jill have taken the time to be with Karrissa so often.