Friday, June 8, 2007

Brent's Graduation - Honeywell

After a quick flight back from Baltimore after the Lacrosse Finals - What a finish!

A day at work, then we had a great day watching Brent's High School Graduation. Karrissa's got the pictures from the Graduation. Then right back on a flight later that afternoon to head back east once again. This time to Ft. Washington PA - about an hour north of Philadelphia.

This was a custom wireless training for the Honeywell folks who install a variety of meters and sensors for the oil refinery and tank farm business. It was great to work with some folks who've been out in the field installing real stuff in hard-core locations. I learned a lot about the hazardous materials handling needs and outdoor wireless equipment.

A quick three-day (Th-Sa) class then back to Orem Saturday night so I could come back and teach Sunday School...

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