Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jill's gone... boo hoo...

Well, today Jill and I ate breakfast in the Hotel buffet thing... then took a subway over to the NYC Manhattan 1st Ward for their sacrament meeting. We got there with plenty of time to spare... about 5 minutes. We stood on the wrong platform, the one with the route 1 sign, but on this particular Sunday, the 1 line was on the express platform... after a bit of confusion we got 'er figured out and on our way.

After church we took another subway to Times Square then the Shuttle over to Grand Central Station, then a train ride North to Tuckahoe. Jill's fee were 'killing her' since she has these 'church shoes' that for Orem work fine. Jump in a car, drive to church, walk in church, then drive home. But here in Manhattan, it was walking to the Subway, up/down stairs, back to the Subway, between trains, and then finally the walk from the Tuckahoe Train Station to Laura's house... a bit too much on 'Church Shoes'

We had a nice visit with Laura, Alan and the kids. Of course I liked playing with the kids - isn't that what Uncles are for? Though I miss getting in on the adult discussions. Laura had a nice lunch prepared for us (thanks Laura!) then Alan was nice enough to drive us back to the Train Station. Alan had just come home and we got to talk a bit about his trip to Madrid. And see the great gift he brought back for Connor, not only was it a full Real Madrid soccer outfit, but was signed by David Beckham himself!

I thought it'd be easier for Jill's feet to catch a cab from Grand Central back to the hotel, even though it was only two stops or so on the subway - but the Taxi was stuck in traffic, something about a couple of street fairs going on today. But we made it back, and got Jill and her stuff packed and on her way to the Airport in time. (I heard from her via cell phone from the Gate)

I then got to spend an enjoyable (not) two hours in a very hot muggy laundrymat to get my clothes ready for next week. (I just can't seem to allow myself to pay a hotel some $100 or so to wash a week's worth of clothes!)

Next week... another week of teaching AirMagnet here in NYC.


Gramps said...

Thanks Keith for your report. It's so neat to read the blogs and keep up with what's going on as it happens. Sorry Jill didn't change shoes. Hope your classes go well next week. Our love and best.

nanajan said...

Thanks for visiting and playing with my grandchildren. You are a Great Uncle!

Karrissa said...

Dad- sounds like you and mom had a fun time. Thanks for letting her shop for us!! Love you and miss you. Feels like you have been gone forever!