Saturday, June 16, 2007

Manhattan - AirMagnet & Jill

Well, I arrived ok at LGA and took a taxi in to the LaQuinta hotel on West 32nd - right by Greeley Square.

Woke up early and took a cab down to the venue - the Mason's Grand Lodge of Manhattan - 131 West 23rd - but the building is being rented by the New
York Convention Center. We had 8 student packed into a room made for barely 7 - but the Advanced Site Survey and WLAN Design class went very well indeed. I walked back to the hotel and waited for Jill to arrive on her flight to JFK - she got in about 1 am.

I taught the second day while Jill was working on a final assignment of writing a variety of papers for one of her nursing classes all day. We walk around the area and ate at a grill in the first floor of the Empire State Building - our table was right next to one of the brick posts that hold up that awesome building. On the way back to the Hotel Jill found an H&M store and we HAD TO sto
p and do some shopping... Then some Korean Yogurt (it was way to tart and yogurty for me)

Today we went for MORE shopping - but this time I brought along an Anne Perry mystery and sat by a table in Greeley Square and waited while Jil
l shopped.

Then off to the Gershwin Theater for 'Wicked' !! The show was great - everything I'd heard and more. Very enjoyable - we had pretty decent seats in the middle section about 18 rows up.

Then a early dinner at Applebees... yes I know we could get Applebees in Utah... but it was raining at the time we got out of the Matinee and it was the closest place.

Then back to the hotel for Jill to change her shoes, then two more hours of shopping at H&M - I finished an entire novel in the time Jill spent shopping! But it is a joy for her to get stuff for her kids.

Tomorrow we'll go to Church at the Manhattan Ward (where the Temple is) and then catch the train up to Tuckahoe to spend a couple of hours with Laura, Alan, and the kids before taking Jill back to JFK for her flight home.

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Gramps said...

Sounds like you have been busy and having fun. Glad that Jill could be with you in NYC. We are still hanging in there with mom. Nothing definite yet why the shortness of breathe, etc. We appreciate you and Jill's help. Give a hug to Laura Anne and the rest of her family.