Friday, November 16, 2007

Custom Class for Kaiser Permanente in Orange Co.

The end of last week I was planning on being in Seattle all this week teaching an AirMagnet course - then late on Thursday I found out AirMagnet had sold me to teach a special private class for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California instead.So this week I taught a *very* abbreviated version of a 4-day course into a 2-day format for 10 students... then again for another 10 more.I was able to have an evening free to have Dinner with Barry and Donna Woodbridge at a local teppanyaki kind of place. The food was great - but the chef was very 'boring' - didn't interact with the customers at all. Kind of weird - but the food was great.
Afterwards we went over to Donna's daughter's house - I had a chance to copy some files to Barry's hard drive, and 'show off' my new Nikon camera. Donna's son-in-law has a pretty cool business manufacturing and selling an internal amp/speaker for Acoustic Guitars. (
Now I'm home for 10 days over the Thanksgiving holiday! - Yea!


Gramps said...

We are glad that you enjoyed some time with your friends in Calif. and some good food. We are pleased you are home for a few days with your family. Go Cougars!

Gram said...

We are glad to have you home for awhile. I know you enjoy your own bed and seeing the family more than you usually do. I have never tried a Teppan Yaki restaurant so I was happy to hear you enjoyed the food, because you are a pretty picky eater.

Gram said...

You did a fantastic job on the thurkey this year. Good Thanksgiving! Good food, good friends, good talk. Love you all!!