Saturday, November 3, 2007

Lacrosse Tournament in Las Vegas

I had a couple of days at home (M-Th) working in the office - mainly catching up on things, cleaning the office and getting ready for more WLSAT student kits.

Then on Thursday afternoon we drove down to Las Vegas (Keith, Jill, Brent and his friend Tasha) - visited with Karrissa and Joe till late Thursday night. On Friday we went to see this thing called the "Fremont Street Experience" and were very Underwhelmed! - Then on to New York/New York so Brent and Tasha could ride the Roller Coaster. We ate lunch at the "American Cafe" and McKinely was fun to enjoy her antics at the table over lunch. We dropped Brent and Tasha off at the practice fields (we showed up right as the bus from BYU arrived). Later dinner was at PF Changs in Summerlin. We were going to go and visit with my cousin Colleen McCann but didn't get any answers on here various phones.
Saturday was spent all day in the sun watching BYU play in the "Best of the West" Lacrosse Tournament. They ended up winning the entire thing! Brent got to play on both the 'B' and 'A' teams.
There were lots of teams involved - BYU, CSU, ASU, Cal Poly, UC Davis, UVSC, UNLV, Westminters, NAU, Stanford, Utah, Arizona. BYU had a total of five games (I have always kept score on my hand since watching Brent's Lacrosse - so the BYU Squads did a great job today!)
I was able to use my camera to get some pretty good shots of Brent, McKinley, the family, etc. So here goes...And some shots of the Family

Then after everyone cleaned up - we went to Cheesecake factory (well Joe had more studying to do) and a good time was had by all! A great weekend in Las Vegas with Family!


Gramps said...

Congratulations Brent on your Lacrosse games. Go BYU!! Great pictures and made me wish we had made the trip. Thanks Keith for being a Great Dad and Husband and supporting your family so well.
Love ya man.

Karrissa said...

It was so fun to watch Brent play lax and to watch him and McKinley play! Love you dad and thanks for the awesome weekend!

Gram said...

What a fun weekend. I am happy you could be there with your wonderful family. The pictures are great! Sounds like you had some yummy food, also. Have a good week this week!