Friday, November 9, 2007

More Shots of Brent's LAX Tournament

I was able to 'trade' some shots of another Dad's son for one's he took of Brent - pretty good shooting there! There was an entire sequence of Brent's 'check' on this guy - but this one kind of tells the story...

Every now and then a nice 'blind side' works pretty good. This is the entire reason my son-in-law Joe likes to go to the games.

Brent gets one off to 'clear' the ball.

Picking up a 'ground ball' to transition from Defense to Offense.

An update to his online Roster Page.


Gram said...

Those are great pictures of Brent in action. I liked the update on that good-looking grandson.

Gramps said...

Thank you Keith for the great pictures and your comments. You'll have to explain the "Food" book to us. Glad you got to see the DaVinci exhibit. It's really cool.