Friday, November 9, 2007

CWSP Training in San Francisco

This week I taught a four day class for Security University at their space in the San Francisco State University downtown facility right on Market Street & 4th. A very nice facility - a fun little boutique hotel nearby. The class was a Certified Wireless Security Professional class - and though there was supposed to be 9 students - some moved to a different date/venue so we had only four in class. Nice and cozy.
I was able to do some walking around at night - and had lots of great food choices in the neighborhood. Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Thai again for my dinners. On Wednesday night I was heading over to a large Cineplex nearby to watch the 'Martian Child' movie (very good by the way - quite a tear jerker for me at least) and noticed there was an 'exhibition' going on.
It was the DaVinci exhibition I'd wanted to go see for years now. Jill, Mom and Dad all got to see it in Zurich years ago on a trip there (I had to work) and then I missed it again in Auckland where I didn't have transportation from my hotel to the site across town. So I was grateful for the chance to see this great review of DaVinci's work. They produced life-size models of most of the inventions from his Codices and notes. As well as detailed analysis of his life, paintings, sculpture, etc. Well worth the time and money to see.
My flight home on Thursday was delayed for many many hours - but I had time in the SFO airport and on the plane to finish another great book. This was 'The Omnivore's Dilemma' - a great commentary on the current state of our food supplies, how foods get to market. Focusing on the 'Corn' economy we are currently in, and why Corn and Corn by-products take up MOST of our food supply. Then also a discussion of a 'natural' farm in the Shenandoah valley that does it RIGHT. A great farm called Polyface. Then a final section on the hunter/gatherer form of getting food in Northern California. I can heartily recommend this as a great read!


Karrissa said...

I really want to see that movie. Glad it got a good review from you. I like to know that you get to do a few fun things while you are out of town working!

Gram said...

SF looked like a great plac to be. I loved it when we saw it years and years ago. I always like the song, "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". The last time we were there you were a little boy. Wasn't that DaVinci Exhibit incredible? I knew when we saw it in Zurich that you would love to see it. I want to see that movie also.