Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dallas --> Home

Since we had snow overnight... I thought I'd show a couple of pictures I took tonight before launching into this week's blog entry. Thanks to Jill and the Boys... it looks pretty nice!Sunday afternoon was a flight down to Dallas - with the rest of the 'returning from Thanksgiving' crowd. But the TSA in SLC Airport did a great job in getting everyone through. Whatever they did - it worked great!

The class in Dallas was at a pretty nice location North of Dallas - Thanks Karrissa - for teaching a new class. This AirMagnet class was a Certified AirMagnet Design class - with 22 students. Way full. But it went well.

After returning - I was all 'stressed' about a 'Webinar' I was doing for AirMagnet on Thursday. This was an hour of teaching/presenting... all online to 300+ folks worldwide. That's not so bad... but I had to prepare something special, and talk without any feedback. The students could hear me, and watch my computer screen, but I couldn't hear any of them. They had over 140 questions posted online after the class. So either I really sparked their thought processes... or I did a very poor job of explaining myself. ;-)

Here is the advertisement for the Webinar (Seminar on the Web)
Friday was spent doing the 'Mr. Mom' thing - Jill was called into work. So I got to take the dogs to the groomer, Alysha to the Doctor, pick up the dogs, take Alysha to the Physical Therapist, and, oh yea... work. We were going to spend the day Saturday with Alysha at a Cheer competition up at Weber - but her team cancelled on Friday night. So we were quite grateful to have our day back. Work - run errands - work at home - help Jill with her FINAL project.

Then have Mom & Dad and Brent over for the BYU Football game against San Diego State - 48-27 - no contest!
Next week is Sunnyvale for two days of Private training for Kaiser then another two days over in East Bay in Walnut Creek.


Karrissa said...

I love the pictures of the house! I hope it looks just like that on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of the house. Love you


Gram said...

The house looks great and we were happy to spend the game over at your home. Sorry I wasn't doing as well as I thought I was. I was really exhausted when I got home. Sunday helped me recoup. Hope your teaching goes as well as you want.