Monday, December 17, 2007

Parsons Family Christmas Letter

Parsons Family Christmas Letter

The Parsons family of Orem, UT had another fine year. We love our house, our Ward, and having Friends and Family come visit!

Lets see – starting at the ‘old man’ – Keith made some changes in his business the end of this year to focus more on the Wireless LAN training he does – though this means even more time on the road. He keeps a blog at for those of you who’d like to see what the family has been doing and what he’s up to on his travels.

The ‘Mom’ – Jill – changed jobs this year and left the research to return to working the Labor & Delivery floor – but this time she’s working with a new set of friends over at Orem Community Hospital. She has finished a couple of semesters of hard work finishing up her BS in Nursing degree on nights and weekends. Just one more semester to go! Yea!

Karrissa (and Joe of course) – moved from Logan to Las Vegas where Joe started in Dental school this fall. We enjoyed having them stay with us in Orem over the summer. McKinley learned to walk while Joe was down at the Air Force Officer’s training. They moved into a great house – have lots of friends – good Ward – and enjoy their life in North Las Vegas. They also have a blog at - another thing – they are expecting #2 daughter in May 2008.

Ryan is back at BYU – living with Brent and some friends in WyView – dorm-like apartments. He is studying Biology and Pre-Med subjects. We enjoy when they come home for Sunday dinners (and to do laundry) – oh, and he works for his Dad part time.

Brent – is a Freshman at BYU – and play long-stick defense on the BYU Lacrosse Team. They have already had a couple of road trips this fall, and looks forward to the Lacrosse season in the spring. Keith and Jill enjoy going to the Lacrosse games – including trips to Virginia and Las Vegas.

And the ‘little woman’ is now almost 16 – Alysha is again a varsity cheerleader at Timpanogos High School – and a sophomore. She has been doing a great job learning to drive (afraid of manual transmissions still…) Enjoys friends, playing, friends, cheer, and friends. I think her goal is to send the most SMS text messages of anyone in the state.

As a family we still enjoy taking vacations – spending time together – and all love having a little grand-daughter to spoil. We look forward to another great year in 2008 and thank hour Heavenly Father for all the many blessings we’ve been given this past year.

May you and yours have a great Christmas Season and a very Happy New Year!

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