Sunday, December 9, 2007

Northern California for Kaiser & Snowstorm

This week I taught a *very* abbreviated version of a 4-day course into a 2-day format for 4 students... then again for another 16 more in Northern California - the first was in Sunnyvale at AirMagnet HQ - and the second two days over in Walnut Creek at a Kaiser Data Center.On the way back to the hotel on Wednesday evening after class I saw this sign... it looked so 'authentic' I had to stop by and have dinner there. Ok, cute idea with the bear and all - but the food was definitely sub-par. But I had to at least try it!I got stuck in a great traffic Jam going through the Oakland tunnel on my way to the airport after class Thursday evening - and 'barely' made it to the flight - I had to leave my rental car at the Valet parking and pay someone to take it back to the rental agency. (Still less money than spending another night in a hotel by the airport)

I like having a Friday back in Utah to catch up on items - this week I was able to run some errands for Jill - work a bit in the office - and run Alysha around.

We did get quite a bit of snow - a little over 6 inches over the last 24 hours. So I did the sidewalk and drive way a couple of times.Jill and I went to her new work (Orem Community Hospital - Labor & Delivery) Christmas party at Pizza Factory - and had some fun trading gifts in a big circle (like 45+ people) - Jill got a great wooden 'advent calendar' with little boxes to store each day's goodie - me, well I got a Pez Dispenser (Princess Jasmine!)

Next week is Minneapolis for a private class with Medtronics.


Karrissa said...

I love the pics of the snow!! I can't wait to get there! Congrats on your awesome present- Princess Jasmine, awesome!

Gramps said...

I always enjoy reading your Blog about the fun and exciting times you have. We are happy to have you home each weekend. I figured about six inches of snow. Snow blowers are great with that much.

Gram said...

I, too, love reading your blog and seeing what you have been up to when you are away from home. I am glad you made the flight despite having to pay them to take you rental car back. As you said, that was cheaper than a hotel and you got home so you could have Friday here. You got cheated on your Christmas gift. I'm glad Jill got something nice since you didn't. Too bad the diner didn't have good food. You are a good cook yourself so it is harder to find a diner that makes food to your taste.