Monday, December 17, 2007

Heatheridge Ward - Christmas Party

Zarahemla Jill

We've been working on the Ward Activities Committee (ok, Jill and I *were* the Activities Committee) - but we have another couple to help us, Greg and Lisa Harper. They were a great help, as were many other volunteers who helped us put on a great Ward Christmas Party.
Seating - Table Settings - Decorations - for 180

We spent from 12:00pm to nearly 10:00pm working on Saturday. (Plus about a month of other projects getting ready for the party) I put over 6.5 miles on my pedometer... all inside the church on Saturday, loading, setting up, packing up, garbage runs, etc.

Scenery - Backdrop - Fake Rock Wall - Zarahemlaesque

Place Settings & Decorations

Here are some photos of the event - Journey to Zarahemla - a little 'different' take on the Birth of Jesus (this time from the point of view of the folks in the Americas) - we had lots of people dress up. (Even Jill!!!)

I took photos of various families in costume as part of the activity.

The Program had the Primary Children sing - a Narrator, Samuel the Lamanite speech, DVD clip from 'The Testaments', and Brother Morely sing 'O Holy Night' - then the Bishop finished up with a talk.

Whew! - it's now over...


Gram said...

Looks as if the party was a huge success. Jill you looked great and I'm sure the food was great also.

Karrissa said...

Very impressed, especially with mom dressing up!

J said...

I am in charge of decorating for the same activity! Is there a way you can email me and let me know how you guys decorated? Where did you get the backdrop on the stage? How did you make the fake stones? Thanks, Jamie