Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aruba - Partner Technical Training - TTT Class

This week I was in DC (Chantilly actually) participating in an 'alpha' of a new Aruba Partner training class I'll be teaching this year. Hosted by Kimberly Graves (my partner in the Wireless LAN Security Assessment Toolkit course). I got some quality time with Aruba's equipment and reviewed the slides and concepts I'll need to be teaching later this summer. We stayed at a nice facility, and had enjoyable discussions on technology and our industry with a couple of the very best WLAN trainers around. It was quite enjoyable. Now on to a Family Vacation in Puerto Vallarta!

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Gramps said...

Enjoy your vacation, the opportunity of being with your family and time from working so hard. Glad you have some good "gigs" for the summer.