Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week in Amsterdam

Amsterdam and Travel Home

I spent this last week in Amsterdam, well by the Amsterdam Airport ‘Schipol’ - never really got very far away. I left Utah last Saturday afternoon and landing in AMS on Sunday afternoon. Took the requisite 2-3 hour nap then forced myself awake to ‘reset’ my time-clock so I wouldn’t have Jet Lag. (I’m actually pretty good at this… as long as I can follow ‘the plan’ I do pretty good)

Then daily schedule was something like this:

7:30 Wake up and check e-mail then get ready

8:30 Setup classroom

9:00 Teach AirMagnet course (a AM-105 course on all products)

5:00 Complete class and check e-mail again

5:30 Take an afternoon nap

7:00 Get up, take a long walk in the fields around the hotel & Dinner

8:30 Continue Course Development work on new 802.11 n course

10:30 Start watching a Movie on my laptop

12:30 To bed and start all over

This was the entire week… well on Friday I needed to FINISH the course so I worked until 3:30 in the morning before finally crashing for a couple of hours before heading to the airport Saturday morning for the flight home.

The ‘ground crews’ – baggage handlers, push back folks, etc. started on STRIKE this morning at the Schipol Airport! – just in time to make my flight late (we had to take buses out to the runway, because the planes couldn’t go in and out of the gate areas) – and the Delta gate agents had to also load the plane’s baggage hold.

Needless to say we were late getting into Cincinnati… and so I’m writing this blog from my hotel room by the CVG airport… waiting for the first flight out in the morning back to SLC. I land at 8:00am – just in time to get home, shower, change clothes and go to church to teach our Sunday School Lesson. (Jill has to work tomorrow on Mother’s day)

We’re having the family over to our house for Sunday dinner tomorrow so Ryan and I will get to be the hosts/cooks.


Gramps said...

I don't know how you handle the delays. But with your computer and movies, you can be efficent and effective. Thanks for your posts, pictures, etc. It's always interesting to read what you write and your book reviews.

Karrissa said...

That is crazy! Sorry about the delay. Wish we could be with you for the Mother's Day dinner! Hope you get home safe!

Gram said...

I am sorry you had the delay. I loved the photo of the tulips. Thanks so much for the wonderful dinner on Sunday and I LOVE my Delft plate. It was a great Mother's Day gift. I hope you enjoy this week in Floriday and Dallas.