Friday, May 2, 2008

RCML Semi Finals - BYU -vs- Colorado

On a nice warm sunny afternoon - watching a Lacrosse game at the Dumke Field at Westminster college in SLC... a great way to spend an afternoon!They have a great field - actually, it sits on top of a parking lot (like Chapman's)
The game felt a bit 'boring' - pretty slow. But it was fun to watch Brent and his team play and Win! Tomorrow evening they'll play in the Conference Finals - then on to Dallas for the Nationals Championships in 10 days or so.

I've been working on the development of a new course on 802.11 N - a 1-day workshop format... It's taken me weeks and weeks to do this... it is a very new, and complex protocol, and I'm supposed to make it easy. So it was a nice break to go and watch Lacrosse and relax for awhile.

But since I leave for Amsterdam tomorrow morning for a week... I have to finish this portion - so I went back to work till 8:30pm then Brent picked me up to watch the Jazz play Houston in the NBA playoffs.

Marsha, Mom and Dad were here to visit for a bit (Dad watching the Jazz of course) and Ryan made some great Sesame Chicken for dinner - Yea Ryan!


Gramps said...

Thanks for the update Keith. Hope you have a safe and good trip to Holland. We sure enjoyed our visit there in 2000 with you.

Gram said...

I am happy you got a break to watch the game. Sorry we had to miss it and the one today so we could take Marsha to the airport. Ryan is quite the cook!! Be safe in the Netherlands.Love Ya!