Friday, May 23, 2008

Rudyard Kipling's 'Kim'

This classic was the book for this week... I read it on my Amazon Kindle while on planes.

One of the particular pleasures of reading '
Kim' is the full range of emotion, knowledge, and experience Kipling gives his complex hero, Kimball O'Hara, the orphaned son of an Irish soldier stationed in India. Raised by an opium-addicted half-caste woman since his equally useless father's death, the boy has grown up on the streets of Lahore India.

Though he was burned black as any native, Kim was white--a poor white of the very poorest." His peculiar heritage as a white child gone native, combined with his "love of the game for its own sake", makes him uniquely qualified for the 'big game'.

So when the long-awaited colonel comes along, Kim is recruited as a spy in Britain's struggle to maintain its colonial grip on India.

Kim also has relationships with a Tibetan Lama, a Afghani horse trader, a white school for boys, and other 'spy trainer' folks.

This portrait of the Indian and sub-continent peoples takes this from just a gripping yarn, to a timeless classic.
Highly recommended!!

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Gram said...

Sounds like a great book Keith!