Sunday, January 25, 2009


I enjoy reading while I eat my dinner while on the road. It's more enjoyable to me by far than going to dinner with the students. After presenting all day, the last thing I want to do is talk more... so I can unwind by reading a good book while eating my evening meal.

I've found reading on the Kindle is easy to do by propping it up on the salt-n-pepper shakers, or napkin holder, etc. I really like the fact when I come across a word I don't know, in just seconds I can have the kindle give me a full dictionary definition - then continue on with the story.

I've been reading Bernard Cromwell's books for years now. In fact, I've now read every book he has ever written, from the entire "Sharpe's" series, to the King Arthur, and all the others - even the "boat books".

So when I saw this new book "Agincourt" was now available I had to give it a read!

It did NOT disappoint! Again, Cromwell does a fantastic job of bringing history to life through the eyes of a few set of protagonists. In this case it is the life of a single Archer in King Henry's army that entered into France during the 100 years war to again try to claim France as part of his Kingdom.

Well written, enjoyable, and a nice review to the life and times of those who lived in that dreadful time. The deprivation, corrupt church, and utter lack of value of human life were brought to the fore. I'm sure glad I live in this time instead.

The story unfolds to the conclusion where a small army of 5,000 British take on a 30,000 French army. The British have a fantastic victory over a much much larger army. Mainly due to the technological advantage of England's Archers. (and the very muddy battlefield)
They were able to put over half a million arrows into the French knights - amazing!

Again - if you have a couple of hours, and want a great story, look no further than '


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Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience with those of us less read.

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