Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kanye West

Ok, ok... I know you'll be thinking there is something wrong with me. But I really like listening to Kanye West.Earlier this year while in the far north of Canada - my rental car had a Satelite Radio. The preset station was to this Hip Hop/R&B Station... and while driving trying to find my way to the hotel I didn't want to stop to figure out this fancy schmancy radio... so I got to listen to Hip Hop. It was pretty good stuff, and then on the next morning on the way to teach class I got to hear some more.

I actually liked this one song... something called 'Love Lockdown' - it had a great beat, unexpectedly good vocals, a storyline, and intricate drumwork.
So later I went to iTunes and purchased this song and found the artist to be Kanye West.

Some of his other works started to sound good to me so I purchased an entire album and a couple of singles.

On the trip to Atlanta this week, while reading 'Scarpetta', I listened to Kanye West with the 'random-random' on my iPhone.

I really liked some of the songs. I think this guy has some great musicality to him. The story lines and percussion runs are quite enjoyable. (Love Lockdown, Swagga Like Us, and Pinocchio Story are my favorites)

Give it a try... It's not your normal Hip Hop!


Karrissa Winward said...

Don't act like you didn't like hip hop before- Jenny from the Block, I like it when they call me big pappa, like a cholo- just to name a few!

Keith Parsons said...

Ok, I did like Hip Hop before... but I like the Kanye now...

Jill Parsons said...

Who would have ever thought!!!!

Gramps said...

You continue to gain a well rounded education, with computers, music and everything else out there. Be safe.
Missed you Sunday!