Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three Days in Atlanta

I spent three days in Atlanta teaching an Advanced Wireless Design course for AirMagnet. A group of three students who work on the Army Medical wireless solutions took me with them a couple of evenings to go out to dinner.
We had some wonderful food, good company, and a nice time was had by all. The first evening was 'The Melting Pot' - my son Ryan had mentioned wanting to go before... so I thought it would be a good thing to try out. It was a bit expensive, but the food, preparation, and friendly interactivity during the dinner was well worth it.Then on Wednesday evening we went out for seafood at 'Legal Seafood'. I've been to other 'Legal Seafood' restaurants in the past. But this one was a bit more modern, more open floor plan, and fantastic food. I had grilled shrimp and thoroughly enjoyed it.The book for the flight out was 'Scarpetta' by Patricia Cornwell. It was the latest in the series by the same author. I've read every one of her books (even the cookbooks) - and normally enjoy her 'thriller' type novels a bit more. In order to enjoy this one you would have had to have read all her previous works in the last little while. She didn't spend any time at all explaining the characters and their previous interactions... just continuing on as if you just finished reading the previous novel.


Gram said...

I am always surprised at what you get accomplished when you are off teaching. I just wish I could read as fast as you do. The dinners out looked great and I am happy you enjoyed them.

Jill Parsons said...

We should take the kids to the melting pot in SLC. Brent said it was good. Probably pretty expensive though.

alerts said...