Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Three Decievers

Last week before heading off to Boston, I heard and interview on the Glenn Beck show with Richard Eyre... about his new book The Three Deceivers... this actually took five sessions with Glenn Beck as they discussed the ideas in this book.

Previously Richard Eyre has run for the Governor of Utah, and I'd read a couple of his previous books. (One even cut to the shape of the State of Utah)

So I downloaded the book to my Kindle to read of the flights to Boston.
This would have been a great online read... the materials presented could have taken about a third of the space... but because of the multiple redundancies in repeating himself and repeating himself.

But the concepts he presents are very powerful! He takes on some of our most cherished ideas... ideas like the value of Control, Ownership and Independence.

I myself have commented many times on how the failures of some societies can be shown to be directly attributable to the loss of any of those rights and privileges. (in 'third-world' countries the corruption and lack of societal progress can be directly tied to the loss of any or all of those rights)

So I was a bit skeptical on the first read... but Richard Eyre does a good job of still allowing for those issues to have value... but moves away from the Control, Ownership and Independence being the end-all, be-all to our goals and spiritual human beings.

Of course I was all sucked in as he went through the logical support of why the 'spiritualism' in all these 'self-help' and 'Oprah-style' soft ideologies are false and lead us away from the Truth.

He then goes on to replace these with new words... new ways of thinking...

Replacing Control with Serendipity

Replacing Ownership with Stewardship

Replacing Independence with Synchronicity

(I would have used Interdependence, but he was trying to keep with the 'S'-words)

If you want to stop and think... this is a book for you to spend of couple of hours with. Though I still try to live my life by the immortal words "An Examined Life Isn't Worth Living" - I had a couple of good hours of thinking about the world.

(PS - I know I totally mis-quoted Socrates - I did that on purpose)

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Janet said...

I have always enjoyed books by Richard and Linda Eyre. I'll have to read this one. Thanks for the review.