Saturday, March 21, 2009


Not 'Catsup' or 'Ketchup'... but Catch Up...

I've been a bit lax in my blogging lately. That's what being busy will do to you.

"Busy as a pair of jumper cables at an Uptain Family Reunion I always say..."

Let's see.

  • Two days Wireless LAN Consulting in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Writing four new WLAN articles under the name of WLAN Iconoclast
  • Teaching a private WLAN class for three days in Walnut Creek, CA
  • Finishing up a marathon recording session to finalize a new Online course for AirMagnet Survey and Planner
  • Spending time with Karrissa, Joe and the girls who are up here on a visit
  • Going to the Draper Temple Open House
  • Three BYU Lacrosse Home Games
and stuff like that.

Plus a new book New Rules of Marketing and PR

Then tomorrow morning bright and early... actually dark and early... I'll be off again for 5-days of training in Hartford, CT.

My blogs are starting to sound like my parent's!


Gramps said...

But at least you are writing something and keeping in touch with the outside world. Glad you are busy and doing well. We appreciate your blog and all you do for so many.

Gram said...

I second your dad's comments. We appreciate your blog even if it does sound like ours; a little repetitive. You, at least, are doing it in various cities.

Hope it goes well in CT this next week. You forgot to put that you enjoyed Kinney and Tory o the tramp.