Thursday, March 12, 2009

Media for the Week

This week I flew out to Grand Rapids, MI to do a bit of consulting. Along the way I read a new novel by Brandon Sanderson called 'Warbreaker' on my new Kindle 2...I like the new interface, the Kindle 2 feels a bit better in my hand, the text and especially graphics look better, as well as the page turns feel much faster. It just disappears from the reading... just what a good book should do.

This new SciFi/Fantasy book is as good as all the others from Brandon Sanderson - characters are fun, there are multiple story lines running in parallel, yet are also converging, and the unique character of the books is fun to read. This one has a new 'magic' type thing but with colors.

Well done Brandon! - Highly recommended!

On an entirely different note. I also went to see a movie on Wednesday night at the local theater after work... I'd read pretty good reviews and saw a show had 4 of 5 stars... so I went and saw the movie 'Coroline'. I should have picked up the hint when after purchasing my ticket, the agent called and asked for the movie operator to start my movie.

I purposely arrived 10 minutes after the posted start time... I like to miss the previews. But when I got to the theater, I had to wait a couple of minutes (as I was the only one in the entire theater) until the entire pre-movie process completed and then the show.

I did NOT like this movie. Pretentious, obvious, boring, and too many weird shaped characters. This is like those other movies by the same director that I also never enjoyed... Don't waste your money. Not even if it shows up in the $1 theater (which it will very soon)


Karrissa Winward said...

I thought that show looked weird and spooky! Glad I don't have to actually watch it to know now!

Gram said...

I was planning on going to see Coraline. Thanks for the info. I won't bother to waste my time and money.

Your book looked interesting.

I watched the Glenn Beck show today and the 9.12 Project.