Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weird Week Teaching in Utah

This week was the first in many many years that I had a teaching or consulting gig in the state of Utah. It was weird...

I got to sleep in my own bed (yea!) - and be had home with my family each evening (double yea!) - but the actual teaching experience was a bit, well... weird.

The folks in class were nice enough, but there is something about students and their 'focus' when they are near their work environment. Some took off early for class, work, home, or other issues that just came up. Normally, I can go late if the students need some extra time, they are normally also all staying in a hotel somewhere so there's no problem. But this week everyone was in their 'normal' routine and treated class more like just one more 'additional' assignment for work, rather then focusing on the task at hand.

Also, the facility was an office. Normally I'm in an education center or hotel where we have lots of room to go and practice the craft of Wireless LANs... Spread out Access Points, track their coverage patterns, or 'hide' them as rogues and have the students track them down. So it felt a bit 'cramped' and just weird.

I was able to catch two BYU Lacrosse games and have the entire family over for Sunday dinner for Jill's birthday (fried rice, carrots, coconut shrimp and egg-rolls) and enjoyed the visiting afterwards as well.

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Richard said...

Yes, Keith, and the fried rice was delicious. I'm glad you were home to cook for us.