Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kung Fu Panda

Last night Jill and I choose to stay home and watch a movie. Ryan had earlier purchased a bunch of DVDs on an Amazon sale and one of them was Kung Fu Panda. Earlier this week I saw a little cartoon on prime time television that showed the 'history' of some of the characters on Kung Fu Panda so I thought it would be fun to watch.

Fireplace burning, Jill under a blanket, in our family room watching a movie on the big screen... and Jill even got her feet rubbed. Try that in the movie theater...

Well the movie was FUN! - The characters fun to watch, the animation well done, the voices unique, and the storyline... OK, the storyline wasn't anything great... but the movie was just FUN. Many times I just blurted out a full belly-laugh at the antics and slap-stickness of the show.

The Chinese names in the movie were also quite funny. The 'evil' character's name was actually 'Dragon' - and the old Turtle's name in Chinese was Turtle. Quite original eh?
For a good laugh - watch Kung Fu Panda.

By the way, it took me almost the entire movie before I could place the voice of the 'master' with Dustin Hoffman. Yeah, I know... I'm slow.


laura said...

I couldn't place it as Dustin Hoffman either! But once I read the credits, I was like, DUH!

Jill Parsons said...

thanks for the company and a fun movie.

Karrissa Winward said...

Sounds like a fun date night. We love Kung Poo Panda, at least that is what McKinley calls it.

Gram said...

When Dad and I saw it we really laughed too. We thought it much better than"Wall-e"

Richard said...

Because you liked it, Keith, this movie's next on my list. Thanks for the recommendation.