Saturday, February 28, 2009


Lets see... two weeks ago I was home working on a new recorded class for AirMagnet Survey. I surveyed the Provo City Library (The cool old building) multiple times as a 'sample' for the online class.There are HUNDREDS of wireless access points in the apartments and condos around the four block area where the library is located. Here are some pictures of the wireless survey.
This is the coverage of just the Provo Library's own Wireless LAN...

Then last week I was in Crystal City (Washington DC) teaching another AirMagnet class. (nothing special going on there - sorry to report)

BYU Lacrosse did start their home season last week. Jill and I went and enjoyed ourselves. There was even another 'Brent' playing LSM with 'our' Brent's old number 47... sad to see a 47 on the field and know Brent wasn't there... boo hoo... and they lost to their perenial rival Simon Frasier. Bummer.
And then today after working all morning on more of the Survey CBT I again had a chance to again watch them play. This week it was Claremont College. 16-3 at the half, and so a kind of 'high-schoolish' second half with all the second and third string playing. The game ended at 20-9.

Chelsea Hightower of So You Think You Can Dance was there watching the game, as was Zac Hefron. So BYU Lacrosse is coming up in the spectator sport eh?

I was sitting there thinking of Brent... and though he can't have a Lacrosse stick to practice with... perhaps he can just hold onto the end of large broom or something to give his arm muscles a workout. (I was watching the Long Poles of Claremont do some amazing one-handed checks and thought of this brilliant idea)

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Gramps said...

I need to find the BYU LaCrosse scheule and watch their games. I see they play at the new field. Enjoy your blog as usual Keith.