Friday, February 13, 2009

Movies this week

Being in downtown San Francisco this week, I had an easy time walking around each evening after class. On a couple of evenings I walked to the Metreon theaters and watched two movies. The first was one recommended by my daughter Alysha - Taken - staring Liam Neeson.

It was action-packed, fast moving, and made me NEVER let my daughters go anywhere alone! I can't believe the evil that exists in the world, to abuse young women as depicted in the movie. I would not have had the skills necessary to save my own daughters from a like predicament... (in spite of what some people believe) - so I'll just have to NOT let them get in that type of situation eh?
The next was 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - the premise for the show was unique and provocative. Yet it turned into a long, slow, 'chick-flick'. It wasn't bad... but I was more interested in the technology on how they made Brad Pitt look old, than the storyline. The following review reflects pretty well my opinion of the movie.Ashley Scrace from the Sheffield Star noted that:
"It is a good film, but one of contradictions, some of which are far beyond the story of young versus old. It is surprising yet clich├ęd; sad yet hollow; visually impressive yet ordinary." He goes on to add "I just hope this year’s Oscars do not follow a tired formula: biggest budget, plus biggest stars, equals biggest awards."


Gramps said...

I liked Benjamin, but I guess it did have the items you presented. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts about movies, books and computers. You are a great son that we love and appreciate!!

Gram said...

We enjoyed Benjamin but like Dad said, you analyzed it much better than we did. We love reading your posts. It is nice to have such an intelligent son that advises us on books, TV, computers, movies, etc.

I loved when you show us the hotels and their backgrounds with pictures. I want to stay in the Palace. The really looks amazing. Glad it worked out for you.