Thursday, February 5, 2009

CWNE Roundtable

I'm waiting in the Atlanta airport for a long flight back to SLC - I'll get home around 3am body time...

I spent four days this week doing a bit of 'giving back' to the industry I work in. I can't believe I actually paid for the opportunity!

Four days locked in a room with 11 other CWNEs (Certified Wireless Network Experts) in a Round Table conference. We looked at appropriate bodies of knowledge to include, objectives, and reviewed questions for the Certification Exam. And Questions, and Questions, and more Questions.

Here's a sample of the kind of questions we worked on...

An HT QoS AP in a Split MAC architecture is L3-tunneled to its controller cluster across a L2 Ethernet switch that is L3 aware, but not configured to trust ingress L3 QoS values from the AP.

An associated QoS STA has transmitted an uplink QoS Data frame marked with DSCP and UP values destined to an application server.

At what point between the transmitting station and the application server is the original IP packet's DSCP value first acted upon, by whom, and what will its value be if all IEEE 802.11 default values are used?


I was sometimes right, sometimes, wrong, sometimes able to contribute to the discussion and editing of questions, and sometimes 'schooled' in the arcane arts that is IEEE 802.11... (Thanks Criss, Peter, and Devin... as well as all the others)

So it was both mentally punishing, hilarious, confidence building, and humbling all at the same time. Let's do it again in a couple of years eh?


Karrissa Winward said...

I am glad you had a good time with other smart people!

Gramps said...

I have no idea what you were talking about. I'm glad that you do and others in the world who do, to keep the technology growing. I agree with Karrissa.

Gram said...

I read the post but I am like Dad. I had no idea of what you were talking about. Your last sentence was good. It was humbling, so you learned, you were able to contribute so that is confidence building and you did have some fun also.

I hope you make it home safe so you can enjoy watching the beautiful daughter of yours can have a great preference dinner and dance.